feeling OK with our choices

Recently, I boycotted watching a TED Talk about China's workers. It was about workers in Iphone factories, and how they are feeling good about what they are doing, so we should feel good about buying their wares.

Honestly, it's not such a big deal to boycott an internet video. And its really not speaking to my credibility, that I haven't seen the subject matter... but I didn't watch it because it had so many positive reviews! Usually, that means something stinks!

When you choose not to harm a living thing, you silently, passively, consent to some equality with this world, and all pets and people, and birds, and bees, etc... and it feels good.

The oposite of equality is disparity.

When people live in disparity, their mental, emotional, and even physical health suffers. When a society is so stratified that people sacrifice their entire life to make Iphones, the disparity in this world smells ROTTEN.

The Iphone was such a fun fucking toy.

The concept of inequality is a large factor for health problems. (Worth a google)

Do not send me links to videos extolling the bennefits of innequality, EVER.