Greats to all!


first of all I'd like to thank Melissa and her companions for building a project like this. I find it very inspirational and have the best wishes for it (and all of you). I'd also like to greet the veg community, because you give me lots of hope... ;)

Now to introduce myself a little bit.
I'm Alex, born in 89', currently residing in Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, Europe.
I've been vegan for about a year now, before that I was vegetarian for about 3-4 years. My reasons for becomnig veg were many, and mostly all of them made sense to me (and they stil do).

Where I live beinga a vegan may be a prety tricky decision. The developement of our society has been dictated by the western regime since Yugoslavia fell apart, and with it meat obsessity took over our country.

To give an example.
My grand parents were born during/after WW2. By that time people at our place were eating mainly vegetables. Most of the population were farmers eating potatoes, cabbage and apples, consuming meat only on special occasions.
I guess things were still reasonable back then.

During the golden times of Yugoslavia (60'), my fathers generation was born. Their parents swithced from farmers to industrial workers and the meals switched from humble veggetables to meat + potatoes/bread. And the generation before my was brought up with the meat consuming dogma.

And then came capitalism with all of its traps, making our country a meat obsessed comunity...

I hope we will make it better. :)

Back to the introduction.
Currently im during the last fase of my mechatronics studium, while working in a metal factory to put some bread on my table. Afterwards I'm going to the city of Maribor to studi agronomy.
I'm 420 super friendly and like mostly all kinds of music, while trying to make a fortune as a singer/songwritter (haha). Mainly all of my songs are protest themed, taking influences from Johny Cash to Bob Marley...
I have got some recorded songs already uploaded to youtube, but the quality is awfull. I hope I will be recording my first LP this summer, it will be free to download.

I'd also like to offer a couch surffing option to all vegs, who would like to see this part of Slovenia (if any). :D For free ofc.
I'm living in a 70m2 household, sharing space with my vegan girlfriend and a vegetarian room mate.
I'm staying here till September.

That's all for now. Feel free to comunicate .:D

Green greets

P.S.: I'm an unfortunoate Atopic dermatitis patient :) Everybody with the same "skin dissorder", please contact me.